1. Healthy, portion-controlled, snacks can play a valuable role in your daily diet and help stop you reaching for those unhealthy treats that can pile on the pounds.
  2. Snacking on healthy foods can help keep hunger pangs at bay and provide a consistent flow of energy to fuel your day.
  3. Eating more often can help you eat more sensibly when it comes to mealtimes. If you know you’ll be eating more often, you can teach yourself to be satisfied with less every time you eat, since you know you’ll be eating again in a few hours.
  4. You can meet your body’s nutritional needs by adding snacks to your daily diet. If you’re trying to get 7 to 10 fruit and vegetable servings a day, a couple of servings of dairy, and you have protein needs to meet, too. That might be hard to do if you try to distribute all that food over just three meals.
  5. The beauty of eating healthfully is that high fibre fruits, vegetables and whole grains have relatively few calories per bite. That means you can eat every few hours, and still have quantity and quality – without spending huge amounts of calories.