Everyone should feel body confident. Get started with three simple dos and don’ts to help you achieve your summer fitness goals.

As a personal trainer this ‘get thin quick’ frenzy brings mixed emotions.  Part of me is excited to help people jump on the path to a healthy, active lifestyle. The other part of me feels concern about how misunderstood nutrition and fitness are by the general population. I hate to see people begin a new routine with enthusiasm only to abandon it before they see results, so let’s make sure everyone understands what an achievable ‘get thin quick’ plan could look like.

Do start now
There is no better time than today to get started with a positive approach to fitness and nutrition.

A simple walk or bike ride is a perfect place to start. And then make sure you’re at least a little bit active the next day and the day after next too.

Do take a slow and progressive approach
Jumping into a fitness routine that is too difficult may achieve two things; you may either quit because your body is sore from the sudden increase in activity or you could sustain an injury that derails your carefully laid fitness plans. So, take it one day at a time and choose activities that you enjoy.

DO set realistic goals and develop a long-term plan
Setting an achievable goal will help you stick with your fitness plan, so work towards bringing your body fat down by a percentage point or two and then keep up momentum.

DON’T opt for a radical diet or crazed fitness routine
The promise of rapid weight-loss and an incredibly toned physique will tempt many people to try an extreme diet or go from the couch straight into a high-impact fitness routine. In my opinion, this approach is one of the main causes of the yo-yo effect in diet and exercise and often leads to weight-gain rather than weight-loss.

DON’T weigh yourself every day
Weight alone is not a true indicator of a successful training programme. Instead of focusing on exact weight-loss, measuring body fat and body measurements such as waist, hip and arm inches may provide you with a little extra motivation that your hard work really is paying off.