People have question about gluten. Gluten is one of those words we hear a lot.


So what exactly is gluten??

Simply stated Gluten is a protein and it’s found in wheat ,rye and in barley. This protein that’s in the wheat and rye and barley gives structure to baked goods at what makes your bread have a nice texture a nice rise to it and like other proteins that we eat ad serves similar functions in the body so protein helps you for instance to build and maintain your muscle mass.

So why for instance our people avoiding this protein? 

Well, some people’s bodies actually cannot digest gluten at all and those people are truly gluten intolerant so they have to stay away from foods that have wheat or rye or barley in them. Other people say “When they stay away from gluten, they just feel better”. They don’t feel is bloated or they feel a little more clear-headed and that’s fine there are plenty of other carbohydrate containing foods that they can eat them aren’t made from wheat , rye or barley. No the third reason of that a people often go gluten free is because they feel it’s a quick way to weight loss. Years ago that was pretty much true because years ago when people went gluten-free and we didn’t have lot of gluten free products around it meant you couldn’t eat foods that were made with wheat, rye and barley, So that eliminated read, pasta , crackers, cereals… all kinds of starchy foods that were made from week. What was left – lean proteins , fruits , vegetables. People naturally started to lose a little bit of weight, if they went gluten-free. The problem is that now because everybody’s going gluten free it seems the food manufacturers have give us all kinds of gluten free foods, but they are not necessarily low-calorie. I’ve see gluten free muffins with 400 / 500 calories in them. My message to you:

If you want to go gluten free, that’s find, there’s plenty alternatives, but be sure you know that gluten free is not necessarily a quick way to weight loss, because gluten free doesn’t always mean low-calorie.