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5 Great Muscle Building Foods

Unfortunately, most people don't fully understand the essential part nutrition plays when seeking to build quality muscle in a quick, effective way. Many men wrongly believe that exercising alone will give them the body they dream of. However, these men will make very...

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Food That Burns Fat !

The first thing is fruits that are rich in vitamin C, like lemon, oranges, guava, grapes, tangerines and lime. They all have properties of fat burning character, the vitamin C dilutes the fat, making it less portent helping it to be released from the body faster....

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What is Gluten?

People have question about gluten. Gluten is one of those words we hear a lot.   So what exactly is gluten??     Simply stated Gluten is a protein and it's found in wheat ,rye and in barley. This protein that's in the wheat and rye and barley gives...

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Fluid needs can vary depending on a person’s body size, the environment (you need more fluid when it’s hot and/or humid) and how active you are since a lot of fluid is lost through perspiration. The most important fluid is water Your body needs water to function...

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Why Be Active

Regular physical activity has many benefits. It is a potent stress buster, it can help keep weight off and it lowers your risk of developing major chronic diseases. Additional benefits include increased energy, stronger bones and muscles, improved sleep, improved body...

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